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December 6th & 8th are both SPANISH BANK HOLIDAYS but for very different reasons

The Constitution long holiday at the beginning of December is usually one of the longest of the year in Spain, with two public bank holidays coming in quick succession. Both December 6th & 8th are national holidays in Spain, and since there's only one day in-between them, this is taken off in some businesses, bars and shops too to make a long holiday or 'puente'. But why do the Spanish have this long weekend just before the Christmas break? What happens on December 6th in Spain? December 6th is the Día de la Constitution in Spain, or Constitution Day, celebrating the anniversary of the country's current constitution that was instated in 1978 to bring about democracy after the fall of the Franco dictatorship. In Spain the day is marked with a national holiday to show respect for an important turning point in the country's recent history, although some parties look the opportunity to call for changes to the constitution on its 40th anniversary a few years ago. So much for the first public holiday, but why is there another bank holiday two days later? What is celebrated on December 8th in Spain? As with many regional and provincial holidays in Spain, the answer lies with Catholic church. December 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 'Dia de la Inmaculada Concepcion', a holy day according to the traditional Catholic calendar. These two holidays are observed in every single one of the country's autonomous communities without exception. This year, 2021, the Constitution Day holiday will be on Monday December 6th and the Immaculate Conception will be on Wednesday December 8th, leaving Tuesday as a working day inbetween, unless certain restaurants, shops and business choose to take the 'puente' and not open. Here in Marbella, most shops will be closed on Monday 6th but open on Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th.

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