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COVID VACCINE for Private Medical Policy Holders

Many foreign residents here in Andalucia with private health care may not be registered in the public health system and will be wondering how to go about receiving the Covid vaccine.

In Andalusia, the Strategic Vaccination Plan (Andavac), has recently informed all those users - mostly foreigners - who are not registered in the Andalusian Health Service user database, what they must do in order to be included in the vaccination plan. If you are using private healthcare providers and have not received previous care through the public system, you may not be on the database and therefore, must apply for registration in order to be included in the vaccination process. What exactly do you have to do? The procedure is simple: all you need to do is fill in a form (download the form in pdf format here), and hand it in at your local health centre, taking with you originals and copies of your passport, your residencia and your empadronamiento certificate.

Please keep in mind that the above only applies to people that hold a 'Residencia' here in Spain. Non-residents should contact health authorities in the own country of residency for information on how to receive their vaccination.

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