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DEAR ALL - I am sure that I speak for all in saying it has been an incredibly difficult 14 months for everyone, I only hope that this terrible pandemic has not affected you or family members.

We now seem to have some light at the end of the tunnel. Many are now receiving their vaccines and restrictions are starting to ease with travel now being allowed in some areas, although those of us living in the UK have still to wait for restrictions to be lifted, but fingers crossed in the coming weeks/months the British owners will soon be able to visit our wonderful community.

Some of you will know that in Spain there have been many restrictions placed on all aspects within our community the main area that has suffered is with the pool operation. We have had a lot of restrictions placed upon us due to COVID which we have to follow strictly, although this year is more relaxed than last. Based on this we have taken steps to OPEN the pool from the 1st May following the COVID guidelines, this will mean our pool will be open until the 30th September or longer depending on restrictions which we will need to adhere, you will also be pleased to know that we will also be heating the pool in the usual periods which may be extend depending on the opening period.

Many of you will know that following discussions over the recent years we have now reached an agreement with the golf course to access the stream that runs adjacent to the 12th hole and Los Algarrobos. We are currently working with the course in piping into the water supply, this will mean we can take 25% of the water from the stream which has been running constantly for more than 20 years. We have calculated we should get in the region of 2,500 litres daily, which will certainly have a positive effect on our water consumption, this for irrigation purposes only.

We will also be renewing the fence along the same area; the 12th hole and Los Algarrobos below the tennis courts, this is due to the current fencing being in a poor state and broken in some areas. This is to be renewed with the same type of security fence that the course has around their perimeter as it offers better protection for the community as a whole.

As yet with the COVID restrictions in place we have not celebrated an AGM for 2020 or 2021, We are looking and discussing the possibility of holding a VIRTUAL AGM in the near future, if we go ahead we will advise all accordingly with plenty of warning. All through the pandemic we have kept the same budget, so fees will remain the same this coming year as well. Hopefully later this year or early next we can again contemplate holding our AGM again with a thoroughly enjoyable get together at Aloha Golf Club.

Kind regards,

Peter Anderson - President

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